About Our Businesses

WholesaleKufis.com is a branch of MuslimClothing.com especially for wholesale muslim kufi hats. We offer sell and manufacture custom-made kufis, cotton stretch kufis, hand-crocheted kufis, nylon kufis, rigid kufis, quilted kufis, simple fabric kufis, African beanies and lots more.

We offer discounted wholesale prices, branding and custom sizes. We provide a wide variety of high quality kufis such as prayer caps, skull caps, beanies, taqiya, takke, peci, topi, kofiya and songkok. We ship our products worldwide and we strive to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Our products and materials are procured from around the world. The vast majority are handmade by Muslims on a small scale.

On behalf of the entire MuslimClothing.com team we would like to thank you for shopping with us. We invite you to share our site with your family and online friends. As-salaamu alaikum & peace be upon you!

Currently the website is under maintenance, for any shopping related kindly visit: https://www.thekufi.com/